Hot or Not

Our aim is to bring regions of India to your plate. With a unique and innovative cooking style we aim to recreate authentic Indian recipes. Our traditionally trained chef can tailor make dishes to suit your individual palate. Here is our guide to spiciness.

Mild- suitable for all palates including children. This has only slight addition of chilli but can be reduced, if desired, to mild-minus, just ask the waiter.

Mild plus- slightly more spicy than mild but less than medium.

Medium- this is the restaurant standard and is favoured by the majority of diners. Can be increased or reduced in spiciness.

Medium plus- This is between a normal strength curry and a hot one (i.e. Madras)

Hot- The most famous example of this is the Madras curry.

Very hot- The most famous example of this is the Vindaloo curry.

Extra hot- Extremely hot dish.