Side Dishes

All below at €5,90 each

Bombay aloo – Cubes of potato cooked in a delightfully spicy sauce with authentic herbs and spices.

Bengan bhaji -Fresh aubergines cooked in selected herbs and spices in a dryish sauce

Vegetable curry – Fresh market vegetables cooked medium strength to our special recipe.

Tarka daal – Lentils cooked with garlic, fresh herbs and spices.

Chana masala – Chick peas in our own spicy sauce.

Rajma – Red kidney beans cooked in a spicy onion and herb sauce.

Mushroom bhaji – Fresh mushrooms cooked the Indian way with onions, herbs and spices.

Aloo gobhi – The subtle flavours of cauliflower and potato combine in this Indian classic.

Saag aloo – Spinach cooked with potatoes and garlic to our own recipe.

All below at €6,50 each

Bhindi bhaji – Pods of fresh okra (ladies fingers ) cooked with our special spice blend.

Mattar paneer – Cubes of home-made Indian cheese and peas cooked in a medium sauce.

Saag paneer – Spinach and cubes of home-made Indian cheese in a tasty sauc.

Classic accompaniments

Yoghurt – Simply the freshest home-made natural yoghurt €1,80

Raita – Home-made yoghurt with finely diced cucumber produce a refreshing and cooling dish. €2,20

Onion raita – Home-made yoghurt with finely diced onions and peppers. €2,20

Mango chutney – A sweet chutney made from mangoes and selected spices. €0,80

Pickles – Choose from mango, lime or chilli. €0,80

Chips – The worldwide favourite. €3,50

Curry sauce – The real thing! Choose your own heat strength. €3,50

Rice and breads

White rice – Best quality Basmati rice cooked to perfection. €2,90

Pillau rice – Best quality Basmati rice cooked with aromatic spices. €3,30

Mushroom rice – Best quality Basmati rice cooked with fresh mushrooms. €3,70

Chapati Very light unleavened thin bread made from wholemeal flour. €1,70

Paratha – Pan-fried flat wholemeal bread. €3,30

Tandoori roti – Flat thin bread made from wholemeal Hour and cooked in the Tandoor. €2,20

Onion kulcha – Flat bread filled with finely chopped onions, herbs and spices and cooked in the Tandoori.€3,30

Nan – Special deliciously light flat leavened bread fresh~baked in the tandoori associated.Everyone’s favourite. €2,20

Garlic nan – Nan bread with garlic fresh-baked in the Tandoor. €2,70

Cheese nan – Nan bread with cheese filling fresh-baked in the Tandoor.€3,30

Cheese and garlic nan – Nan bread with cheese and garlic filling fresh-baked in the Tandoor. €3,50

Kheema nan – Nan bread with filling of spiced minced lamb fresh-baked in the Tandoor. €3,30

Peshwari nan – Deliciously light nan bread with a special filling of pistachios, almonds and spices fresh-baked in the tandoor; excellent with lamb dishes. €3,30